Thread: annoying problem, solution should be simple...

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    annoying problem, solution should be simple...

    Hey all,

    Wednesday I started writing a console-based chess program in my C++ class and today I've gotten the basis for the program completed (need to add a check to see if there's check or checkmate, and AI in the future...).

    BUT tonight I remembered that I didn't put in a check to prevent pieces from jumping over other pieces, so I started going through and fixing it. While I was doing that, I added a couple of lines to my pawn movement code and now my pawns can't move at all.. hmm!!

    here's the pertinent code, with the parts I added in BOLD:

    if(board[x1][y1] == 'p')
    		if(x1 == 6) // for starting pawns
    			 if((x2 == (x1-1) || x2 == (x1-2)) && (y2 == (y1-1) || y2 == (y1+1)) && (board[x2][y2] == '_'))
    			 	cout << "Invalid move." << endl;
    			 	return false;
    			 if(x2 == (x1-1) || x2 == (x1-2) && (y2 != y1))
    			 	cout << "Invalid move." << endl;
            return false;
            if(x2 == (x1-2) && (x1-1) != '_')
              cout << "Invalid move." << endl;
              return false;
    			 	board[x1][y1] = '_';
    			 	board[x2][y2] = 'p';
    			 	return true;
    this is part of a class method for the class BOARD. The function is called Move, and takes 4 integers (x1, y1, x2, y2), and returns a bool statement (when it was working, it returned void, but I changed it for future functionality I'm adding - I don't see how that would change it though?)

    Any ideas? I have a feeling its a really obvious mistake, but those are the hardest for me to spot

    Here's the entire code if you need it:
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