Thread: c++ tasks ??

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    c++ tasks ??

    having just finished the ' c++ for dummies' book i am wanting to flex my c++ muscles :-) but am having problems thinking of any interesting tasks or problems to get my teeth into.
    Any suggestions please ?? !! ??

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    Suggestion: C++ Syntax Checker (or Dumb Error Finder)

    I started thinking about writing a program like this one day when I was making a little cut-and-paste edit to a 5000 line program. I misplaced a curly-bracket and the compiler reported hundreds of errors! I was thinking it would be cool to show the "bracket level" something like this: (Maybe using reverse-video for the level numbers.)



    I was going to the same thing for all the symbols that are used in pairs.

    And I was going to check for lines that don't end in semicolons, etc, etc, etc.

    It seems that the simple errors are the toughest to find, and they can really confuse the compiler to the point that the error messages arn't very helpful.

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    Not a bad program to work on. Did one exactly like that in school (an assignment).

    We weren't required to consider commented sections of the code, but this shouldn't prove too big an obstacle.

    Good luck!

    "When the only tool you own is a hammer, every problem begins to resemble a nail." Abraham Maslow

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    Many thanks guys - thatll keep me quiet for a while !!

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