Thread: Find (width/height) attibute of image using _find operation

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    Find (width/height) attibute of image using _find operation


    Is the a way to use the find operations at

    to determine the width and height of an image. I have a series of .tiff files and I would like to determine the average width and height of each.

    If you do a right click on each image you can find the width and height of each image. Can this be extracted in C++ somehow?

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    You will need to read this information from the file itself.

    The TIFF format is proprietry to Aldus, so we you need to know to decode it. There will not be any standard win api function for this.

    Either research & figure out the TIFF format yourself, or get hold an image processing toolkit.

    Here's one I use:
    OS: Windows XP
    Compilers: MinGW (Code::Blocks), BCB 5

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