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    Question Weird function problems

    My compiler complains of '}' syntax errors all over the place in this function. I have to comment out the IF statements and their closing brackets (not the enclosed statements) to get it to compile. Take a look, and tell me if you see any problems.

    PHP Code:
    bool checkArgs(int countchar *value[]) {
    char *val;
      for (
    int i 1i<counti++) {
    val value[i];
        if (
    val[1] == '-')   // True if a switch is used
    if (val[2] == 'A'// 'A'dmin privileges
    cout << val << ": Admin Privileges Granted.\n";

    GCC on Red Hat 8.1 (Primary)
    GCC on Mac OS X 10.2.4 (Secondary)

    MinGW on XP

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    Count the number of opening and closing braces. they should match, but in your case they don't.
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    bool checkArgs(int count, char *value[]) {
      char *val;
      for (int i = 1; i<count; i++) {
        val = value[i];
        if (val[1] == '-')   // True if a switch is used
          if (val[2] == 'A') // 'A'dmin privileges
            cout << val << ": Admin Privileges Granted.\n";
      return true;

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    [CODE] tags...

    I see what i did wrong, i forgot to do if (...) {

    thanks, guys.
    GCC on Red Hat 8.1 (Primary)
    GCC on Mac OS X 10.2.4 (Secondary)

    MinGW on XP

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