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    Question vector

    I have the following defined. How would I define the initial row and col for the puzzleletter?

    typedef std::vector<char> PuzzleRow;
    typedef std::vector<PuzzleRow> PuzzleLetters;

    Is the below correct?

    std::vector<PuzzleRow> row = 0;
    std::vector<PuzzleRow> col = 0;

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    I think the following will declare a vector of vector of char with number of rows equal to r, the number of columns equal to c and each element initialized to '*'.

    vector<vector<char> > PuzzleLetters(r, vector<char>(c, '*'));

    alternatively here's a way to declare vector of vectors with a given number of rows but indefinite number of columns and nothing initialized:

    vector<vector<char> > PuzzleLetters;
    for(i = 0; i < r; i++)

    To place an 'S' in the first column of the first row you may do several things:

    PuzzleLetter[0][0] = 'S'; //using array notation
    PuzzleLetter.begin().front() = 'S';//using STL notation

    Assuming I haven't screwed up somewhere.

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