Thread: Alternative win32 compiler? And linking asm libs?

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    Alternative win32 compiler? And linking asm libs?

    I have read the Programming FAQ, to no avail. I have been using Dev-C++ and MinGW for a month now, and lately I have been very unhappy with MinGW. Firstly, I am not currently interested in portability, and MinGW is stripped down, as is DJGPP. I want to use conio, since there are almost no textmode libs for MinGW. Secondly, I am happy with the Intel syntax for inline asm, which I've used in Object Pascal consistently before switching over to C++.

    1) Is there an alternative win32 compiler? I have VC++ 6.0 but I don't understand why it spits out 2megs of random files in my directory when I want to create one console program for an exercise in class. I just want the .exe not all those project files ... Would that CBuilder 5.5 and Quincy IDE be a good choice?

    2) I have TASM 5, it took me a while to learn how to link these obj's to QB and then to Pascal, can I create .obj's and .libs with this and link them with C Builder? How would I accomplish this task?

    Thanks a lot!
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    Mingw isn't really that stripped down, although some of the first iterations of the compiler had very limited support the current version is missing very little. And if you are missing libs (which it sound like you are) go to the site and get them.

    As for VC++ spitting out a ton of crap, that is microsoft for you. Anyway, if you need full win api support VC++ is as good as it gets in an IDE/compiler combo.

    I've never tried it but I hear CBuilder is okay (not exceptional). I personally like mingw because it is quite simply the easiest compiler in the world to deal with.

    Borland's stuff is okay, but their products just don't seem as user friendly. M$ liked to fill up everyone's hard drives with crap that is either made by them or made by one of there loyal associates. Mingw is easy but no matter how much I suggest it I can always have compatibility thrown in my face.

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    What do you look for in a C++ compiler? In Windows, the two best C++ compilers are Visual C++ and CBuilder. You can implement 32-bit ASM in any of the two compilers.


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    I think I'll use CBuilder -- the command-line tools are free at the moment. Sounds good.
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