Thread: need to loop my prog. after the prompt

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    Lightbulb need to loop my prog. after the prompt

    //snippet of what my prog looks like
    printf("please enter the amount of questions evaluated ")

    printf("the amount student got correct")

    div(num2,num2)* 100// this is basically
    //how its set up.
    //here's where the problem lies..
    char yn;
    printf("would you like to convet any other
    test scores\n");
    printf(" press 'y' and enter to continue
    press 'n' plus enter to exit program");
    //i need to loop the program if the user
    //selects 'y'. i have tried the book samples but oviously i'm understanding
    //the book wrong. desperate now!
    please help!!!!!

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    Follow the link in my sig. Under the Information heading, follow "An introduction to simple C++ functions". Look up 'getch' and the 'for' and 'do...while' loop examples.
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    do {

    // your code here

    } while ( user_response != 'y' && user_response != 'Y' );

    Just be sure that any variables are reinitialized when you go back to the top of the loop. One way to do this is:

    do {


    // now prompt

    } while( user_response != 'y' && user_response != 'Y' );

    By making your code a separate function, you guarantee that the data is reinitialized every time.
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