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    help..random pattern Ascii

    I am pretty new to this...

    I am trying to make a small program that
    draws a nice pattern from the Ascii table.

    I want it to take char from Asci 179-190.. at random.

    And draw a nice little pattern over the screen.

    Any tips on how to use randomize ()

    So i can get started with this...



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    Sure, look up "srand" to 'seed' the random number generator you actually may get randomness. Secondly after seeding the random number generator, you'll be using "rand" to get your random numbers.

    Now look at your number range. You want to start at 179 and end at 190. So start your number at 179, and add a random number using rand modulated by 12 (result would be 0 - 11).

    You'd end up with a value of 179 - 190.

    Next step when outputting your number would to cast it as type char so that the ASCII character of number x is outputted to the screen.

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