Thread: Linking problem...

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    Linking problem...

    Just to make sure I'm not looking at the screen cross-eyed, here's the thing

    $ nm libqhull.a | grep MY_qh_init_B
    00000b1c T MY_qh_init_B


    $ hcustom -L . -lqhull -lm SOP_Qhull.C
    Linking with 'libqhull'
    Linking with 'libm'
    Making SOP_Qhull.o and /home/briank/houdini5.5/dso/ from SOP_Qhull.C
    SOP_Qhull.C: In method `OP_ERROR SOP_Qhull::cookMySop (OP_Context &)':
    SOP_Qhull.C:546: `MY_qh_init_B' undeclared (first use this function)
    SOP_Qhull.C:546: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once for
    each function it appears in.)
    Compile failed

    FYI: "hcustom" is a kind of makefile. Shouldn't the fact that "MY_qh_init_B" is defined in libqhull.a mean that I shouldn't be getting the undeclared error during compile for "SOP_Qhull.h"?

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    Did you forget to include "SOP_Qhull.h" in "SOP_Qhull.C"?
    #include <cmath>
    #include <complex>
    bool euler_flip(bool value)
        return std::pow
            std::complex<float>(0, 1) 
            * std::complex<float>(std::atan(1.0)
            *(1 << (value + 2)))
        ).real() < 0;

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    Sebastiani: yup - double checked SOP_Qhull.h is included

    Salem: good idea (and one I hadn't thought of) - unfortunately, it didn't change anything.

    ... back to the drawing board - any other ideas? other things to look at? If it would really help to show hcustom, I can pull out the appropriate parts - just say the word.

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