Thread: Problems moving from Borland to Visual Studio

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    Unhappy Problems moving from Borland to Visual Studio

    I am a new C++ programmer. I started out using a Borland compiler, which I found worked rather well. I just made a few simple things, including a nice ASCII version of tic-tack-toe with computer A.I. But I recently had the oppurtunity to get Visual Studio .Net with all the newest Microsoft tools.

    Well, after much toil, I figured out how to make a simple, blank console program. Then I typed in some code. This code, to be exact:

    #include <iostream.h>
    int main()
       	int a, b;
       	return 0;
    Seems, simple, right? But what happens is, it outputs "1,", then lets me input something... the the program ends. Too fast to even see if it ouputs a 2.

    After staring at the code for about an hour, I decided to try it in Borland and the same thing happened! I opened up my old tic tac toe program and it worked fine (although I don't remember using cin for that...) Am I going crazy??? What's wrong here?? Anyone have a similar problem??

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    That should work...

    It worked for me with VC++.NET

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    Add this code at the end of main and before return 0. Borland CBuilder developer environment is different than Visual C++ environment.

    ignore(256, '\n');


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    Thumbs up This program was fine.

    I had no problems running it with Microsoft VC.
    After the 1 display type in number 5,6 or whatever then ENTER.
    It will display the number 2 then prompt for another input and end.

    I don't understand why it doesn't work on your computer. Maybe, you might have to reinstall it again. Sometime complilng it instead of build will fully llink the files togther to run properly. I have also had to cut n paste then open a new file so i can paste it there just so i can run it.
    I hope these few tips helps. Good Luck!

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