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    driving me nuts

    Hi all,

    I cant show you any code cos im at work, but hes what im tryng to do....

    I have a menu (switch statement) and when the user enters the option required it branches off to a new funtion, how would i get it to return to the origanal menu?

    Any ideas would be gratley received....

    Cheers guys

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    Encase your switch statement in a loop that is exited when the user selects a particular option from the menu. There are plenty of examples on here... try searching and see what you come up with.
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    #include <iostream>
    using std::cout;
    using std::endl;
    using std::cin;
    void Sing(){
    	cout << "Lalala" << endl << endl;
    void Shout(){
    	cout << "Ahhhhhh!!!" << endl << endl;
    int main(){
    	char ch;
    	bool bLoop = true;
    		cout  << endl << "Enter;" << endl << "1. To Sing" << endl;
    		cout << "2. To Shout" << endl << "3. To Quit" << endl;
    		cout << "Then press return" << endl;
    		cin >> ch;
    		if(cin.peek() != '\n'){
    			cout << "Error - 1 digit numer only!" << endl;
    			while(cin.peek() != '\n')cin.ignore();
    		case '1':
    			continue;//The continue statement sends it to the top of the loop
    		case '2':
    		case '3':
    			bLoop = false;
    			cout << "Wrong selection! Try again" << endl;
    	cout << "That's all folks!" << endl;
    	return 0;

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    cheers guys

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