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    Question Array Help

    Hey, I'm kind of new at c++ and I have a question about arrays. Can you make any type of object an array? I tried and I don't know if i did it wrong or if my idea is too farfetched or what...


    class Cpart{
          /*blah blah blah*\
    Cpart cow;
    Cpart IDtoPart[15];
    IDtoPart[0] = cow;
    Like i said, I really need some help here. Anything is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    - Grady (:

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    What you have should work, but you don't need to assign cow to IDtoPart[0], just initialize IDtoPart[0] since it is a valid object:
    class Obj
      int i;
    int main()
      Obj array[10];
      array[0].i = 10;
      return 0;
    Note that some operations will be more difficult or finicky if you don't have the appropriate constructors defined for the class.

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    Haven't tried it yet but i'm sure it will work. Its not exactly what I wanted but it will work. That will help me out a lot... thanks!
    - Grady (:

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