Thread: structs and elements by reference?

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    Originally posted by kybert
    does the OS really check the return value from main() ?

    I returned 4 different values:

    void, -1, 0, 1

    and all have the same effect - nothing!!

    So what's the point??

    Any section of code that is deemed to be "undefined" is not technically valid, and therefore should be avoided.

    >>all have the same effect - nothing!!
    Lucky you. But your code might not work elsewhere. Remember, just because it appears to work, doesn't mean it's correct.

    This is a popular discussion that comes up a lot. If you want to know more, try a board search.

    Here's the C FAQ with some helpful info:
    When all else fails, read the instructions.
    If you're posting code, use code tags: [code] /* insert code here */ [/code]

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    Originally posted by kybert

    I have no idea how it works but it does what i need(except the 'throw' because the compiler says its "reserved for future use" (VC++ 1.53)).
    -- yes, i do have VC6 and, but i prefer VC1.53 for messing with small code examples!
    If your compiler (VC++ 1.53 !!!???... wow ) cannot even handle throw, i strongly suggest using another one.
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    I got (VC7) but dont use it for testing simple stuff cos its just too much effort... (starting a new project... edit project... etc...)


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    VC++ 1.53!!!! Wow!!! Does it take punch cards and do you need a 5 1/2 Floppy to install it?

    "reserved for future use"
    Definately time to put that program in a museum!

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    I don't think there ever was a VC++ 1.53, wasn't Microsoft's compiler just called "Microsoft C" back then?

    In either case, that thing's just old!

    new char[50];
    Error - overloaded operator "new" reserved for future use.


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    no it really does exist, and yes it does support new char[]...



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