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    break statement

    sorry for asking such a simple question, but i'm not too comfortable using break statements outside of switch.

    Will the my break statement take me outside of the loop if the condition is true?

    bool PokerHand::is_Royal_flush(const vec& hand){
    	bool Same_suits = false;
    	Suit aSuit = hand[0].get_suit();
    	unsigned int i = 1;
    	while( i < hand.size() ){
    		if(hand[i].get_suit() != aSuit){
    			Same_suits = false;
    			Same_suits = true;
    	return Same_suits;
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    You can also write the program without using a break in loops.

    Mr. c

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    yes, but i think it is more efficent to break out of the loop once it finds one card that doesn't have the same suit as the other ones because it cannot be a royal flush.

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