Thread: <space> delimiter in string class causes program to crash when " " charachter is ent

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    Question <space> delimiter in string class causes program to crash when " " charachter is ent

    I am trying to run a standard win32 console application, e.g. simple "Hello World" style app just to test this stupid "bug" or whatever it is.

    Does anyone know how to use the cin >> statement to store a " " character into a string variable


    #include <iostream>
    #include <string>
    using namespace std;

    void main ()
    string somestring;
    cin >> somestring;
    cout << somestring;
    char somechar;
    cin >> somechar;

    when the cin statement asks for text it will go fine unless a space is entered into the string. When a space is present hitting enter after the string crashes the program and it does not even run the cout statement. There is no error, it just exits. I tried it with a character array too and it did the same thing.

    I am using Microsoft Visual through my school and it is a horrible program. I see source code all the time where this problem isn't an issue, should i switch compilers?
    Any Suggestions?

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    use int main()
    not void
    try cin.getline()
    instead of cin>>
    try msvc++6

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    It doesn't crash, it just exits main() normally after reading one string and one char.

    cin >> stops reading at a whitespace.
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