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    Linked Lists

    If I have an input file of names in this format:

    Bill Clinton:L:George Bush
    George Bush:L:Ronald Reagan

    which would be interpreted as.

    Bush is to the LEFT of Clinton and Reagan is to the left of Bush.

    How would I go about outputting this order with the use of LISTS?

    Ronald Reagan
    George Bush
    Bill Clinton

    I was going to take the approach of reading
    Bill Clinton in to one string
    L into another string
    and George Bush in to another string

    but from there, I don't know how to make use of the list?

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    You can either use singly or doubly linked lists here.

    Allocate 3 objects. Set Clinton's left obj pointer to George. Set George's to Reagan. Likewise if you had a doubly linked list, you'd have to set the appropriate right obj pointers.
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    The file I am reading in doesn't necesarily have those names...I was just using that as an example. Somehow I need the program to recognize the L and go from there.

    But how do I get the string values in to the list in the right order?? I have never used lists.

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