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    Red face help with some symbols

    i would really like to help me, by explaining me the symbols above;

    \t \ \b \a \b \f \r \v \? \' \\ \" \0 \ooo \x0a

    please inform what these symbols are used for in c++ programming.
    thank you very much.

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    \t is a horizontal tab
    \b is a Backspace
    \a is a Alert (bell)
    \f is a Formfeed
    \r is a Carriage return
    \v is a vertical tab
    \? is a literal quotation mark
    \' is a single quotation mark
    \\ is a backslash
    \0 is a null
    \ooo is an ASCII character in octal notation
    \x0a is a ASCII character in hex notation

    Think of these representations as special characters that can be put in between " " (two quotes). Some are used to prevent confusion (\" if you tried to use just the actual " it would end the string) and some just have no key on your keyboard to represent them.

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