Thread: number to LPCSTR!!!!!!?

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    number to LPCSTR!!!!!!?

    I apologise if this is a really common question but I searched the board,google,various faqs etc, and ended up with nothing!!(me=frustrated).
    So can anyone point me to a function that converts a number to an LPCSTR? I looked in the winapi.hlp and searched msdn and there seems to be no winapi-function that does this?

    itoa doesn't like it either (errrorr i get!!!!)

    pleeeease help!!!

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    once again I apologise since this thead was intended to go to the windows-section
    but maybe someone here can help me aswell

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    I suppose sprintf() is what you are after.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    I didn't see that you already searched MSDN...

    I don't know the windows functions that would do this but I think the C++ STD has stuff for this.

    try <cctype.h> or something similar, forget name, it should have conversion functions.

    or there is also dynamic_cast<> and static_cast<> functions in the C++ STD LIB.
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    LPCSTR is a type def for a null terminated char array. Therefore, search the board for the options of going from int to null terminated char array--also known as C string---- and the cast to LPCSTR. Two options are sprint(), itoa() (admittedly a nonstandard function, but very convenient). I think the third option is a stringstream, but you'd have to do some searching to confirm that.

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