Thread: how to make who wants to be a millionaire

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    how to make who wants to be a millionaire

    dear prelude

    do you have an idea how to create "Who wants to be a millionaire" Turbo c++ version

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    well first things first, pick wether or not you want console?GUI, and after you have decided, write an algorithm of everything u want to happen in your program, which will usually aid you in code decisions.

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    Isn't Turbo C++ DOS/Console exclusive?

    You should have a database of questions of different difficulty, and randomly pick one of the when a question should be asked (too predictable if it's the same question all the time).
    How you handle answers will be harder, since the user have to type an exact match unless you use some advanced algorithm-thingy .

    Other than that, a simple loop would be required, and some handlers for the help objects (whatever they're called, the phone, 50/50 u know...).

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    dear magos
    can i download a borland c++ 5.1
    can make me a sample

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    You may not to arrange to download it on this site. No software piracy, or explanations of how to do so may be done here.

    If you're new to the boards, welcome and reading this will help you get started.
    Information on code tags may be found here

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    You can download, (fully legal), Borlands 5.5 C++ command line compiler and tools from their web site. If you are not familiar with command line tools, you may be better off downloading one of the compiler/IDE's that are freely available. Links to several can be found here...
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