Hey wasup guys, this is my first post so please be kind =0). This is my first programming class and i'm having a really hard time. The professor at my university is really hard to understand and so making this almost impossible for me. As for the program, the user enters a mem_id(a or b) and the # of years they are in this org. Display the result and there's a few if statsment, such as if he enters like mem_id a and been with the org for >5 yrs, he owes like 2000, but if he has only been with the org for <5, then he owes 1000. something like that, here is what i did, can somebody please, help me, thanks a million =0)

#include <iostream.h>
#include <iomanip.h>

char Get_Member_Type();
int Years();
int Dues();
void Display_Member_Info();

int main()


return 0;

char Get_Member_Type()
	char type;
	cout << "\nPlease Enter I or F";
	cin >> type;

	return type;

int Years()
	int numbers = 0;
	cout << "\nPlease enter number of years";
		cin >> numbers;

	return numbers;

int Dues(char type, int numbers);
	int results;
		if ((char type == 'F') && (numbers > 3));
			results = 2400;
			((char type =='F') && (numbers < 3));
			results = 3000;

			if ((char type == 'I') && (numbers >5));
				results = 1500;
					((char type == 'I') && (numbers < 5));
				results = 1900;

				return results;

void Display_Member_Info(char type, int Years, int results)
	cout << "\nYou have been a member for:  " << Years;
	cout << "\nYour membership type is:  " << type;
	cout << "\nYou fee is:   "  << results;

	return ;
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