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    Im starting C++ programming today i have been mirc scripting for a while but i thought id try something new anyone have any tips on my learning C++??????????
    btw im using visual 6.

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    code and code and code. I don't know what else to tell you. You don't get good without really getting into code. Get a decent sized project in mind and work at it.
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    Tip 1...dont cross post!

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    Visiting this site is a good step. I can't begin to describe all that I have learned simply by visiting this site and reading through people's questions and the responses to those same questions. Even if you don't understand everything that is going on, the simple exposure will do you some good.
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    If you have a question, come to this forum and post it. If you do not have an answer in 5 minutes, keep posting until you get the response you want; Make sure to scream in the subject like "HELP ME!!!!1", this lets everyone know that you're in trouble and they all need to stop what they're doing to help you. And if you're having trouble any homework you get, just post it here and we'll do it for you!

    Also, don't bother to read the board FAQ, the tutorials on, or even search these boards for your answer as the people here will gladly respond to any question you give them.

    Oh wait.... that's what I tell people I don't like... sorry, uhm... do the opposite of what I just said and you'll be one happy coder

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    Well could anyone give me some good tutorials to use or tell me where to get some?

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