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    Hi -

    Can anyone help me with struct. I've been asked to write a program to add and remove a list of records (ie. a database). Each record will contain a name, id, gpa, etc... The requirement for it -
    1) Each record should be stored as a struct. 2) The database should be another struct, where one member is an array of records.

    Can I do something like this:

    struct record{
    char name[maxLength]; //would this work???
    int id;
    double gpa;

    Thanks in advance.

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    My guess is that you declare your structure:
    struct record{ 
    char name[maxLength];  
    int id; 
    double gpa; 
    Than your database is an array of structures defined in the main function:
    int main()
       struct record Database[100];
       return 0;
    Although this is not proficient, it is the learning stage for working with structures using static memory constraints. This type of excercise will lead into dynamic memory allocation and abstract data types.
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