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    Unhappy That hurts

    Ok, to whomever deleted my thread on MoA:

    That hurts...really.... . If you don't want me to post stuff on my game, you could've just told me. I just wanted to let everyone know, and if there is a problem with that, please inform me of it in the future. And I know that it just wasn't posted or something because I saw it there right after I posted it, and now it's gone. Just please be more considerate next time, thanks.

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    Did you check to see if it was moved to another forum. This is for C++ not game programming. There is a forum for that.

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    Have you checked that it wasn't moved to a more appropriate board? I recall seeing something by you on the GD board regarding a game.

    >Just please be more considerate next time, thanks.
    If mods remove a thread then they have a very very good reason. Don't jump to conclusions please.

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    Umm well I did tell you. check your Private Messages and you'll see that I explained everything to you. And I checked my log I did send it.

    I'm closing this thread, harry please make further responsed to me via PM or on the General Discussion board.

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