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    Angry Problems With Declaring Identifiers

    I'm trying to declare these variables {double int1, int2;} along with two others sharing the same situation. When I try to use functions that call upon those variables, it picks up int1 but not int2. Int1 and int2 were both cin'd correctly, as I was merely modifying a different program. When the function definer// double Integers( double int1, int2 ) // is accessed, the debugger states that there is a syntax error and an undeclared variable error. They both have to deal with int2. Would anyone happen to know why this is happening, or would someone need more information to answer that? Thanks.

    Ross Schalmo

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    Is this in a function parameter list?:
    double func ( double one, two );
    If so it will not work, you need to specify the type of both parameters:
    double func ( double one, double two );
    Otherwise, I have no idea what you're asking.

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