Thread: removing objects from std::vector

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    Question removing objects from std::vector

    i have encountered a problem, i would like to remove element i from my list, which is of type vector.

    I have the following code, within the declaration of my list (vector):

    //create an array that holds one element, this is on the next line assigned to the element which i want to delete:
    MyObject** o = new MyObject* [1];

    //this should point to the object that i want to delete:

    //this should remove it (but it gives me a run-time memory error)

    any suggestions?

    I use BorlandBuilder 5

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    The erase() STL function deletes the element that an iterator points to. The remove() STL function deletes the equivalent element. Consider remove().


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    Is remove standard? It isn't in the dinkum library.

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