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    when to use a class


    I have a function written that will read a file and output the file with the length of each line. I want to parse each line until I get a specific character, then continue to read the line until the end of the line.

    I have each line when used, stored in a string. Should I try to implement a class to parse the string? Or is there an easier way to do this???


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    I suppose you could use a class to hide the "tokenize" part. class FileLine or something. Sure, why not.
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    Arrow let me try again

    Let's see:

    What I really want to do is to make a new file that will have the previous character string on the left side or the "token". Next I want to continue to read the same string. Next, I want to break the right side into smaller parts between white space characters and print a new line with the left side, token, right side.


    Input file:
    12 ? a g e

    This is my desired output:

    12 ? a
    12 ? g
    12 ? e


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