Thread: running exe files from a c++ program

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    running exe files from a c++ program

    Does anyone know how I could do this? Here at school there are tons of restrictions on exes and we pretty much can't run anything. Last year, there was a bug where when we logged on the 'run' option was available at the start menu for a brief period but then disappeared because the restrictions kicked in. This year its fixed. Using the 'run' command from the start menu would let us run exes from there with no problem.

    1) I'm thinking there has to be a way to get the 'run' command dialogue box, or make something like it in c++ console mode. Anyone have a clue? (main goal is to get the command prompt up, we dont have access to that either)

    2) Is there a way to get the command prompt open from a c++ program? I mean the traditional start>prog files>accessories>command rather than the prompt that opens with a c++ console prog.

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    To open command-line window:

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    :: cough FAQ ::

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    listen to fordy, he knows what he's coughing about. the FAQ explains the best ways to run exes (which is definately not with 'system').

    how do you plan to run this program from the computer, let alone get it there in the first place?
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