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    Are there any uses for "this" besides cascading?
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    there are lots of uses for lots of different pointers. "this" is used so that you can internally figure out what your own pointer is. In COM you have a function called QueryInterface where there is a cast of the this pointer. looks something like this

    ptrtoreturn = (void*)(InterfaceName*)this;
    this is not exactly how they do it. They actually use static_cast but you get the idea. It's to get a pointer to a specific base class inside a void *. (in case you didn't know, base class pointers are actually a different address than the actual address)
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    sure! As long as you understand what this is, you'll use it for all sorts of stuff
    if (!this->Head) {...}
    might be used in a linked list, for example.

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    or another example: if a member function returns a reference or pointer to its own object.

    return *this;
    return this;

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