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    linking objects

    i was wondering if anybody could help me with the syntax for 4 classes to pass messages between each other, i can get it to compile but when i run the program the program crashes when it comes time to message pass, i have 4 classes and i am tring to link them through a 5th one, if anybody can help it would be greatly appreciated

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    Well in your case, put this-pointer from each 4 classes to be members of the 5th class. Then direct each function call to the proper object.
    Crashing refers to pointer error. So I could quess that you're trying to call object via false pointer value. Hard to tell without knowing your class structure.
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    Could you elaborate on that. I have the same problem. This is how I did my code.
    class A {int a;}
    class B {int a; A *output[2];}

    A a[2]; B b[2];
    *b[0].output[1]=a[1]; ...


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    Try something like -

    A a[2]; B b[2];


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