First off, I lied. I said I wouldn't post any news on MoA on here anymore, but I changed my mind. I've got to get it known somehow, right? So anwyays: The first of several Mists of Avalon promotional pisctures has been released today. It is of the Mistus Forest (a location in the game) as it would appear in "real life". It took me around 2 days to make, with about 3 hours a day into it. Others will include a look at the Fortress of Haroth and Haroth himself. The new picture is available for viewing at the Moa Website . Speaking of the site: It's undergoing some considerable changes. I have reached the maximum limit of items that can fit on one page, so I've decided to branch it into several pages. Check it out. Also, an official announcement has been made at the site, which some you more eager waiters may want to check out. I think you may find it enticing . So yeah, go check out the site, and enjoy!