Thread: how much c++?

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    how much c++?

    how much c++ should i know before i start looking into graphics i know a bit and i wanted to know how much before i start programming with graphics
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    Depends how well you want to succedd...if you want to concentrate on how to implement graphics properly, then having a good understanding of the language and good skills at implementing the code you need to write will give you a headstart.....

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    Here's a good practical answer -

    When you can put a push button or textbox or radio button or small graphic on the screen without using any help from wizards - ie doing those things strictly in the code - you are ready to work with graphics.
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    Maybe a good idea would be to do iterative learning. You could just start with graphics. If you don't know enough C++, then you'll find out then. Then stop with the graphics for a while and learn the C++ you need to solve your problems. If you learned how to do that, then go further with graphics.

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