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    Question string class

    I am having a problem with ifstream and strings.

    I have:


    other declarations ..................................

    string filename;
    ifstream fin;

    cout<<"enter filename";

    getline(cin, filename);;*****when compiler gets to this point
    **it says data is not a member of string

    I checked in my book and it says that is part of the string class. I was hoping that someone could help me to figure out why I can't compile past this point. I am using Borland C++ 5.02.


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    I thought it was...

    string filename;

    filename.str( );
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    I don't think this should work anyway, data() returns an array with each character in the string an element in the array but the last element isn't a null character. c_str() returns the same as data() but there's a null character at the end, open needs that null to know where to stop. So your call should be more like this.
    Code: filename.c_str() );
    You don't need the period after cstring and iomanip doesn't have an extension. Make sure that somewhere you have using namespace std; declared or none of this stuff will work.
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