Thread: Do gotoxy,wherex,wherey,textcolor,textbackground,clre ol etc work with Dev C++ 4?

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    Do gotoxy,wherex,wherey,textcolor,textbackground,clre ol etc work with Dev C++ 4?

    I am having problems using the above mentioned functions with Dev C++ 4.0. I get errors like...
    C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\ccfImdgb.o(.text+0xc69):addres~1.c pp: undefined reference to `wherey'
    C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\ccfImdgb.o(.text+0xc71):addres~1.c pp: undefined reference to `wherex'
    C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\ccfImdgb.o(.text+0xc7c):addres~1.c pp: undefined reference to `gotoxy'
    C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\ccfImdgb.o(.text+0xc84):addres~1.c pp: undefined reference to `clreol'

    These functions worked fine with Borland C++ 5.0. Why is it so? Any help would be appreciated.
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    None of those functions are in the standard. I seem to remember from my dev-c days that maybe you might find some of them in <conio.c>.
    If you are writing a windows console program then you can write these functions yourself.All the information you need is freely available on the monstrous msdn site.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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