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    c++ projects

    I think someone earlier posted a similar topic. I want to know if there are currently any groups of c++ programmers that work on projects together to increase their knowledge of c++. I keep thinking, once i learn something new, that i'll forget it since i cant use it in a program. can someone also please tell me to write a certain program that will perform a certain task, using all elements from lessons 1 to 7 in the tutorials? Thanks, i would greatly appreciate it.

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    Chances are good that you won't use everything that is in the tutorial on this site in one single program. Programming is like picking out something to wear, you mix and match but don't put on 4 or 5 shirts, 2 or 4 pants, right? Maybe one at a time, but never all at once

    Go to your local bookstore and find a book that has programming exercises at the end of the book or each chapter, even K&R has good exercises. Those will help you far more than we can when it comes to offering suggestions as to what to do.
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