Thread: you advanced people, read this

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    you advanced people, read this

    this is to you advanced guy who can answer anyone's problems:
    i was wondering how old you guys are and how long it took for you to get real good at c++. also, show me some program you wrote that displays your experience and skill. also, are any of you advanced guys using msvc++ 6.0?

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    knowledge = time

    In order to answer almost everyone's question's correctly, helping them out, you must first know all the asnwers....and understand them incase of a needed simplified explanation.

    20 ( 4 more months... )
    Been at c / c++ for around a month, but due to my exstensive hunting, searching, and learning of Microsoft's version ( Visual C++ ) with the clases stuff, C and C++ concepts are coming fairly quickly. A program im currently writting for personl use is something like 1,500 lines of code. At the moment most of it is held together with duct tape, but is being revamped with more effecient code.

    C, C++, Visual C++, batch files ( i know to well.... ), HTML, Javascript, and common audio editing principles ( making the sfx / music actually sound good in something like a game... ).
    10yrs+ Since a 486 66mhz 12mb ram & Windows for workgroups.

    I've got the time thing down, but the knowledge part is just coming in due to my late discovery of REAL C, and C++. Although considering the time writting batch files, html, and tweakin OS's to my pc's content ( and having a fairly good grasp on geometry concepts )....C & C++ shouldn't be to hard.
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    I am pretty good at mfc, I made a windows Chess program for online... I learned an INSANE amount of stuff in a my first few weeks because I was so intrested, sadly I have slown down.

    all of the syntax you should be able to grasp in around 100 hours of coding... stuff like

    if (y == (x == 5 : 6 ? 8 ))
    is the same as
    but different from

    and really complex stuff like....

    class1->class2.(*(class3+5)).(*(pointer1+4)) = 5;
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