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    timer class

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to implement an effective "timer" class. As of now i'm using system calls and sleeping for a second, but it's not very accurate as you can imagine...The class objects basically need to behave like stopwatches...

    i'm not looking for code, just an idea or two...Thanks for the input...


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    You can use GetTickCount(), which returns the number of milliseconds since windows started. It's located in windows.h.

    If you want the program to run at a constant speed, you can do this:
    DWORD LastTickCount;
    DWORD CurrentTickCount;
    DWORD TickDelay = 20;  // 50 Fps --> 1000 / 50 = 20
       LastTickCount = GetTickCount();
          CurrentTickCount = GetTickCount();
       while((CurrentTickCount - LastTickCount) < TickDelay);
    <thought>Why is it called GetTickCount() when it actually returns milliseconds, not ticks???</though>
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    You can also use the stuff in ctime like time(), clock(), things like that. I don't think GetTickCount is portable, so your class would probably only work with windows.
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