I posted this in windows programming but got no reply

I'm new! Giving you fair warning

I wrote a small application that is square box (duh) and has three buttons and a list box. One of the buttons clears the list box, one deletes selected items, and one connects to a mysql database and lists the results found therein.

NO Problem right~! I'm just trying to spice the ugly grey box up and I want to but a picture and colored text in the towards the top of the screen like this

    | Picture                           ------------     ----------    ------
    | Rich Text Under Pic       |  Button  |   |Button  |  | but |
    |  ====================================
    |  |                                                                               |
    |  |               list box                                                     |
    |  |                                                                               |
    |  ====================================
how do I put a picture where the work picture is and how do I put in rich text where it says "Rich Text Under Pic" like this:


How do I do this???? painttext() and images?

Any Leads. I have been searching the net for over two hours now, and there are now good tutorials on this stuff.

If you don't know what I'm asking, ....ask and maybe I can clarify.

Can anybody give me an example