Thread: How To Embed Data In Program While Compile?

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    How To Embed Data In Program While Compile?

    I want to ask like this below example?
    Example :
    If there are 3 people , all of them have text file name 1.txt.

    If Mr. A has data X in text file like this
    X = POIR
    Mr. B has data X in text file like this
    Mr. C has data X in text file like this
    X = OYTGF

    I want to embed this data in program while compile.
    Example: If I use text file of Mr.A I will have data X = POIR after compile program. If I use text file of Mr.B I will have data X = JUKFDSSA after compileprogram.

    If my program is in directory C:\ .
    Where I need to put 1.txt file and how to write program to do that .

    Thank you.

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    I would use three separate files, like this:

    C:MrA\1.txt //data for MrA wihich is POIR
    C:MrB\1.txt //data for MrB which is JUKFDSSA
    C:MrC\1.txt //data for MrC which is OYTGF

    and then in your program do something like this:

    iostream infile:
    char name;
    cout << "enter your name" << endl;
    cin >> name;

    if(strcmp(name, "MrA") == 0)"C:MrA\\1.txt");
    else if(strcmp(name, "MrB") == 0)"C:MrB\\1.txt");
    else if(strcmp(name, "MrC") == 0)"C:MrB\\1.txt");

    char data[80];
    infile >> data;

    now data will contain the first string in the associated file.

    if you're not familiar with strcmp() say so.

    BTW: you wouldn't need three separate files to achieve the same effect, but it sounds like that's what you want to do, so so be it.

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