Thread: reading and creating a file path

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    reading and creating a file path

    I wrote this program that reads a file on my drive and then puts an updated version of that file on the desktop. The program will reside in a different place. the path is something like this
    output file "c:\documents and settings\greg\desktop\blahblahblah.htm"
    input file "C:\documents and settings\greg\desktop\info.htm"

    the complier won't read the path and throws a few warnings cause it wants to use '\' as an excape character.

    i'm not sure what to do cause i've only rarely used file IO.

    thanks for any help.

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    that's correct, compiler normally treats "\" (back slash) as an escape character, what you need to use is double back slash "\\" , which in turn is an escape character that "escapes and treats the next character as a back slash itself....

      "c:\\documents and settings\\greg\\desktop\\blahblahblah.htm"

    also on some compilers you can simply use a "forward slash" "/" instead of double back slash, but remember that's compiler dependant....

    hope this helps

    Good luck


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