Thread: is this style of c++ programming good?

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    is this style of c++ programming good?

    I'm thinking about implementing the all the function details in the header file, for example I have the following code in Box.h :

    class Box{
    Box(int num){
    this->num = num;

    void Rotate(){
    //many lines of code here
    int num;

    Instead of writing Box::Rotate(){
    //many lines of code here
    } in my cpp file , I implement the Rotate function in the header file.
    this style is a little bit like java

    Do you think this is a good coding style?

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    Usually it's best to have the declarations in the header file and definitions in a source file. Putting the definition of methods in the class makes them inline and that can bloat your code a lot if you aren't careful.
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