Thread: Highly Frustrating Problem

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    Highly Frustrating Problem

    Im just started doing the tutorials at and in the 1st lesson, with the "Hello World" program, when execute it, the console window opens and displays "Hello World!" then quits
    without any user input, how can i stop this?

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    I've noticed too and although I'm too much of a newbie to help. When I ran it from within MSVC++ its ok. I'm sures theres a simple way of holding that window open rather then auto closing it (which I think only win 2k and xp do)

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    just add
    system("pause"); // must #include <stdlib.h>
    // or
    /* declare a variable and make the user enter something before they can quit */
    int hit;
    cin >> hit; // must #include <iostream.h>
    // simply
    getch(); // dunno what header

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    getch() is <conio.h>
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    For those who may have instructors who are finicky about using standard headers, use face_master's suggestion of system("PAUSE"); with #include <cstdlib>. (I've used <conio.h> extensively in the past for getch(); and clrscr();, but...)

    (I noticed a thread a day, or so, ago from a student whose teacher disallowed the use of non-standard headers. )

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    Ok thanks, ill try that when I get home, if it doesnt work or something ill post again....

    And by the way, how do all you programmers find out what every .h program does?

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    memorization! :)

    not really

    just as you come across something you need to use a new library for you learn what features it has and what it can do.
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    I look up a function on MSDN and figure out what header it needs... if I ever need the function again, I include the header...
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