Thread: TCP Programming problems with recv

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    TCP Programming problems with recv


    I am learning how to program a TCP server and have a problem.

    I get everything up and running and I can connect to the server and the server can send information out to the client fine.

    The problem I have now though is that I'd like to know how to tell the server to prompt the user to enter information (aka commands). I have tried the recv(socket, buffer, bufferlength, flags) approach but I think I don't know the right flags (I'm trying '0')to use because I can only recieve one letter, after that theres a big string of symbols.

    Any help as to how I can get strings and no jibberish would be most appreciated, as always.


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    This is what I have:

    sprintf(ClientOutput,"Please type something: ");
            char ClientInput[1000];
            recv(SOCKET1,ClientInput,1000,2);          // Get stuff by the client
            cout << ClientInput;                // Output it to the server
            send(SOCKET1,ClientInput,strlen(ClientInput),0);     // Output it back to the client
    When the user types something it is supposed to echo it back to them. But It only lets them type one character. It then has that character as the first character of the string and then adds about 7-10 other symbols to the end of that string.

    Im using Borland C++Builder v3 (Old I know) and Windows 98.


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