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    Question Need help locating

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    Looking for a Graphics Library. This is a set of routines that can draw a
    graph and write it to a file. The constraints are:

    1. For use in C or C++
    2. For use with Microsoft developer suites (as opposed to Borland, or HP-UX
    or SOlaris)
    3. NOT for a Windows application (this code runs as a "DOS" or Win32
    application and has no graphics user interface (GUI)
    4. Need a FINANCIAL graphics package that supports and understands OHLC
    bars, line on close, etc (Subset of a larger graphics package)
    5. Small, simple, optimized so it doesn't take 3 weeks to learn.
    6. Support simple graph file formats like, GIF, JPG, BMP.
    7. Should have a sample or demo program so I can test the features before
    buying it.
    8. I'm sure this code exists for free somewhere... It's simple.

    In conclusion, a small, non-windows, financial graphics library that can
    write a graph to a file. That's all.

    What I've Found:

    1. Many routines are "ActiveX" driven and can run in a browser, but the web
    server does not have access to our data.
    2. Many graphing libraries are huge and over complicated
    3. Many libraries concentrate on Windows environment and a user interface.

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    try SDL. it's free, in fact, it's gnu. it should be portable across windows and linux. i used it to plot out the output from prelude's output function.

    //edit: gif, jpeg, and other support can be added through other, also free, libraries.

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    Wher can I find SDL ?

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    1 seconds work with google. how lazy r u people?!

    sdl here
    Free the weed!! Class B to class C is not good enough!!
    And the FAQ is here :-

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