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    Question compiler error

    Can someone tell me some differences between a compiler error and a link error? Thanks.

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    if im correct (and i think i am) a llinker error is where you have problems with your header files and a compiler error is where you just have a generic problem in the source code some where.

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    a compiler error tells you if there is a problem with the code, usually a syntactical error - a missing semi-colon, incorrect arguments, etc. If all goes well and no errors are found then they are compiled into object code (.obj files) which the linker can use.

    If the linker finds a problem then it reports the error, this is usually something like not defining symbols or multiple definitions of functions, or missing headers. It means the linker cannot find the code it is looking for, for whatever reason.

    Hope that helps a bit.
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    the compiler turns your code, one file at a time, into machine-readable code.

    the linker puts together all your machine-readable files, one for each source file you made in this program, and together with any libraries you have linked to, makes one big fat .exe out of it.
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    Thank you... that helps. I'm sure you will see many questions from me when I start trying to learn C++. Mcorn.

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