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    Question arrays classes and pointers

    i need help with three things cause i totally dont get them.the things are string classes and arrays.if anyone can help me out cause ive tried a buncha tutorials and books i always get stuck here so if anyone can help it would be appreciated.Oh yea and please dont get to technical.

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    int myArray[10]; //starts an integer array with 11 elements 
    //because arrays start at 0
    myArray[3] = 10;
    //puts 10 into myArray[3] (the fourth element
    for(int i=0; i<11; i++)
        myArray[i] = i;
    //fills up my array with numbers
    //writes out all the elements of myArray
    //easier than writing

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    thanks for the help on arrays anyone on strings or classes??

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    classes (and structs for that matter) are simply a collection of different data types. They may also include class-specific functions which are only used when handling class objects. Time for a quick example...
    class Person
       char firstName[ 30 ];
       char lastName[ 30 ]
       int age;
    That is a very simple class. The bit that says public means that the data can be accessed from outside the class, eg:
    void main( )
       Person me;
       me.firstName = "bob";     //uses the . operator to access the different bits of the Person class
       me.lastName = "builder";
       me.age = 100;
    Thast just the beginning really, if you want more just ask - theres loads to know about classes
    Couldn't think of anything interesting, cool or funny - sorry.

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