Thread: Drawing a simple chart?

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    Drawing a simple chart?

    Hey guys, I'm new to C++ so bear with me. I have to make a simple chart using hyphens for the horizontal lines and "|" for the vertical lines. On top of that, I am trying to figure out how to enter the data within the chart using cin and cout. I've tried typing it in various ways, but either get compiler errors or it accepts it and just spits out exactly what I typed in. Can anybody help me with the format of the chart, like for instance, which data types I should be using? Or maybe a sample line of what I should be typing? This is really starting to bug me. I would really appreciate any help.


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    We don't have enough information to help you. How do we know how to format your chart if we don't know what your hcart looks like? Post what code you have, as well - remember to use code tags.

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