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    Moving Files

    Okay, sorry to ask another question (at the time of writing this I had just posted), but anyhow.
    I was just starting to have one of my games create all of its files in a folder. Now, is there a way I can move the .exe to a folder I create? So, so they download it to C:\Downloads or whatever, and I want to move the Horizon.exe to C:\Horizon, is there a way I can do this?
    Also, how does having an uninstall option work? Since the .exe is running it, how does it delete itself? Or can it? Because with all the folders, I want a way to quickly clean everything up.
    -Kyoto Oshiro

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    Easiest way??

    Seperate installation from your app...

    Focus on your app.....then use an installer to create a setupfile...

    ::Assuming Windows::

    Personally I recommend Innosetup . Its free and is easy to learn once you have read the help files...

    All you do is dump the files you want distributed into a folder and save an Innosetup script in there.......then you can set the script to customize the install....You can;

    [list=1][*]Add an unistaller[*]Create desktop shortcuts[*]Edit the registry[*]Create a program group in the start menu[*]Setup directories[/list=1]

    There are tons of other things too...If I ever want to upload an app to my site, I use this app...give it a whirl!

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    Okay, that sounds like a good idea. I will try that Innosetup out, thanks for the link.

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