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    Ianelar Azure

    Question Header to get int arrays???

    I know you use "gets(array);" to get char arrays.......whats the header to get int arrays? Or is even the header thats the problem? the header to use "gets(array);" is "#include<stdio.h>", is there a different one to get int arrays? Any info would be helpful everyone.

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    a char array is a special type of array in many cases called a string, and that is what gets() is meant to get. In many cases we must input whole words and sentences, not single characters, that is why functions like gets() have been created to input entire arrays of chars, or strings.

    To input an array of ints, just do this:

    int array [ arraySize ];
    for ( int x = 0; x < arraySize; x++)
    cin >> array[x];
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