Hey everyone. I just thought I'd inform you all of my progress with Mists of Avalon, the text-based RPG I'm creating. Just so you don't think I quit working on it, I haven't. I'm still happily at work, if frustrated at times. I've almost completley finished the battle engine; all battles work, level gaining now works, I fixed the bugs I found in it, and I'm currently at work on making the defense have a use. As the map goes, only minor changes have been made. The story is coming along slowly. I'm having a few problems with map loading; the program still thinks that the smiley is on one map when he's actually on a different one, so that requires fixing. But even through all that, I'm about 1/4 of the way done. Judging by how long this has been taking me, (remember, this was originally due out earlier this month) I'd plan on a release date between December and February. But that's not official, I've no idea when I will finish it, and now it will be even harder since school has started. I'm also planning on having a sort of "sale": the day it is released, it will be free. Afterwards, I think that I may make it shareware, I don't know yet. As a final note on my progress, I'm also attempting to get the towns to load properly, but that ties in with maps. So, in conclusion, yes, I am still hard at work on MoA, but it won't be out for a while yet.


P.S. I'm also working on a website, which I don't have up and running yet, but I'll keep you updated.