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    Question read values from a txt file

    i know this a very baxic question but i don't have anyone to ask so please take pity on me!

    i need to read in a list of numbers from a text file and save them to various variables. my problem isn't in reading the actual numbers in but that i don't know how to make an array of individual numbers represented by characters as one number.
    for exp:

    char b[]={ 1 , . , 5 , 3 }

    but how do i get

    double n=1.53


    or am i going about this all wrong?

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    Well, I hope I understand your looks to me like you want to read in numbers as represented in a text file and assign them to variables of type double instead of string or char*. The best way I knwo of to do this is to use a file stream, which you can then read from just like cin:

    #include <iostream>
    #include <fstream>
    int main() {
        ifstream inFile("numbers.txt");
        double a, b, c;
        inFile >> a >> b >> c;
    If I am misinterpreting your question, please post again with more details.

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    char b[]={ 1 , . , 5 , 3 }

    but how do i get

    double n=1.53;
    Okay, I know of no standard function to convert strings to doubles. If you know the values won't be floating point, you can use atoi() to convert the string to a number. For example:

    char b[] = {"1234"};
    int a = atoi(b);

    Edit:: There's also atof() which converts a string into a floating point value. While you won't be getting the extra precision of a double, you can still extract the value from the string. Example:

    char b[] = {"1.345"}
    float a = atof(b);
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    You can use stringstreams to convert from any type to anytype as long as the stream output from one type is readable as stream input from the other type.

    #include <sstream>
    #include <iostream>
    // generalized notion of stream_casting
    template <class outType, class inType>
    outType stream_cast(const inType& in)
    	outType out;
    	std::ostringstream outStream;
    	outStream << in;
    	std::istringstream inStream(outStream.str());
    	inStream >> out;
    	return out;
    int main() {
    	// specific example of stream casting
    	char numAsChar[]="1.532";
    	double numAsDouble;
    	std::ostringstream out;
    	out << numAsChar;
    	std::istringstream in(out.str());
    	in >> numAsDouble;
    	std::cout << numAsDouble << std::endl;
    	// use templated general stream cast
    	numAsDouble = stream_cast<double>(numAsChar);
    	std::cout << numAsDouble << std::endl;
    	return 0;
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    thank you so much to all of you that answered!

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